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Damo And The Dynamites, live at Red Lion

  • Rockabilly

When:Saturday, 22 Feb 2020 - at 9pm


Classic, old-school Rockabilly three-piece, with plenty of original Fifties Rock'n'Roll and, when the mood takes us, even some early Elvis. Jivetastic!

Rockabilly is where it all started ... rock'n'roll is just an off-shoot! Damo And The Dynamites use the classic 3-piece line-up to deliver classic rockabilly the way it should be played. No backing tapes, no effects pedals, just a box guitar and a double bass with drums driving them on.

Do we play any rock'n'roll? Oh yes! Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, early Elvis (yes, really), they were all rockabilly cats. Come and hear how it all began.

The band formed late in 2018 when three experienced gigging musicians decided that the SouthEast needed more genuine rockabilly. Since then we have gigged several times a month in pubs and clubs, maintaining the band's sharpness. Rockabilly is dance music ... you can't play it properly if you allow yourselves to get rusty!

We are based in Harrow (NW London) but are happy to travel as far as the right gig takes us. We have high-quality equipment, excellent stage effects, and a PA system capable of dealing with the largest venues.

We take social media seriously and will happily collaborate with any venue or promoter in spreading the news across platforms. We video all our gigs, and the best footage makes it onto YouTube (by permission, where appropriate).

Video and audio recordings, on this page and everywhere else, are taken directly from our live performances and not doctored in any way. You see and hear exactly what the band looks and sounds like on stage.

Band Members:

Damon Everett - Guitar, lead vocals
Jack Nicole - Bass, backing vocals
Roy Challis - Drums

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Red Lion

North Street Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire LU7 1EF

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