New look site with new features!


BandBase is now in its 15th year of continuous running.

It's come a long way since it started way back in May in 2002. The original idea was to allow local bands to collaborate online to build a web-based gig guide, free for all to access.

It's now got thousands of artistes and venues, and has advertised over 60000 gigs!

We're adding new features all the time. Here are just a few.

BandBase People

This is a searchable locality-based directory of BandBase members. As a member, you add your location (town or city only), plus the skills you think others may be looking for.  So if site visitor searches for an acoustic guitarist in your area, and you meet the criteria, a link to your profile page appears in the search results.


Grow a network of BandBase people.  It's like the "friend" concept we are all familiar with.  This is relatively new, and we'll be building on this as the number of network connections grows.  So start making friends now!


A simple way of communicating with other BandBase people.  The inbox allows you to send and receive messages between yourself and members of your Network.

Posted by on Tue, 20 Mar 2018 09:25:20 GMT