Marketing Tips For Your Band


A quick browse through BandBase will reveal a huge number of bands, many of which are quite similar.  No surprises there really because the average live music fanatic tends to like what they know, and know what they like.

So, when every town across the UK has a myriad of bands, all with fairly similar songs in their setlists, how do you make yours stand-out?

Your biog:

Describe your band. Sounds simple enough, right? Make sure you say enough:

"Hi, we're a 4 piece rock covers band from the London area"

This isn't anywhere near enough.  There are hundreds, possibly thousands of rock cover bands in that region.

Certain phrases are a bit overused, and can sometimes be misinterpreted.  For example:

  • "Dynamic" - This doesn't really mean anything.  In what way are you dynamic?
  • "....with our own unique twist" - It's unlikely anyone wants to hear your interpretation of a timeless classic!
  • Avoid mentioning the year. Unless you regularly update your biog, this can make things seem out-of-date.
  • Be as realistic and honest about what you say about your band. You are most-likely NOT the "UK's premier function band".

Your gig guide

It's great to have a busy gig diary on your page because it shows you are popular, but this can also have a negative impact. If your profile claims you do loads of private parties, weddings etc, then your gig-guide should not show that you're playing in a pub every weekend.

BandBase allows you to mark your gigs as private.  When you do so, the gig will not be visible on your page, and will also be excluded from gig searches.  We think this is a better approach.

Limit your gig listings to a sensible amount. Remember, you can update it anytime!

Your photos:

It's a good idea to get some proper photos taken by someone that knows what they're doing.

Yes, you can get some great results from a smartphone, and a quality camera is very affordable. So if you are going to do it yourself, take the time to 

  • Choose the right location
  • Get the lighting right. 
  • Think about what you're wearing 

It all helps towards making your profile shine that little bit brighter.


A badly recorded performance on a phone being waved above the audience heads is not going to do you any favours. Again, it's worth getting someone that knows what they're doing to help you out here.

Posted by on Fri, 27 Apr 2018 08:37:45 GMT