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August Updates

There has been a lot of updates with the site recently.  Most of which you probably won't have noticed!  So why are we bothering to tell you?  Well the changes have been put in place to make life easier for members to manage their artiste information. For example, when more

Site updates for June

Hi everyone Automatic news feed to Facebook and Twitter The automatic news feeds to out Facebook and Twitter pages have always been a great way to get your band and gigs seen by a wider audience.  You just put your gigs and on BandBase, and we do the rest. Those automatic feeds also publish more

The Relaunch Has Happened!

It was late one evening and we thought "let's just launch it now"! So, we did. All went smoothly, and the new site is now up and running. The members count is slowly ticking up and they've started to add their band details and gigs, which is what we're all about. So if you've not already signed up, more

The Gig Planner

The Gig Planner is an exciting new feature being devloped here at BandBase. Our "ideas man" suggested that users should be able to send a gig from a search result or band / venue page, straight to their personal calendar. That calander could be Google, Outlook, iCal, Hotmail etc. more

BandBase relaunch

With so many ideas for the site, it's difficult to know when it will be ready. I don't think I'll ever truly finish it, but it will launch soon. The new ideas will keep coming though! One great new feature is "BandBase People". It's the ability to list your skillset and your location more