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Charlotte "Charlie" Bush - Vocals
With a killer multi-octave range and a big powerful voice coming from such a small frame, she is the perfect frontperson for Broken, after hiring a team of hardmen to blackmail her into joining Broken, she has agreed to stay until her previous band pay the ransom, totally unbearable to work with and a penchant for full length zips, makes her a unique frontperson, acting as band counsellor and ego massager for the guys in the band.  She attended the Edith Piaf stage school in Paris, she obtained a top award for yodelling.  Currently studying the works of  Germaine Greer. Charlie is a force to be reckoned with.

Damien "Damo" Fawsett - Guitar and Vocals
This boy's been on the scene for a while now, 2009 is Damo's 20th year on the gig circuit, and his 24th year playing Guitar.  Damo has been given a whole new lease of life, many people who've seen him play recently have said he's really let himself go, also now trying to wear a hat to cover his balding dome! We humour him and tell him it looks cool! We couldn't get Geoff Whitehorn at the last minute so we decided to keep Damo, he has a nice car & his gear looks good on stage. Damo studied the Nigel Tufnel "ultimate sustain" tuition manual, believing that leaving the price tag on your Guitar improves the sound, also a keen user of the "amp capo"tm enabling the amp to play in different keys by moving the device up and down on your amp.

John "JP" Pengelly - Bass and Vocals
What else can be said about JP that most don't already know? Founder of the Tenterden Swingers Society and a regular organiser of naked hikes on the Kent downs, he is also a Demon bass player, and he's currently constructing an on stage "pod" to really enhance his stage presence. Endorsee of the "Salamos" tm trouser snake enhancer, JP will readily demonstrate this amazing device at your request free of charge. And remember to pretend to be impressed at the lights on his bass fretboard, he likes that!

Tim "Klubfoot" Edridge
Described by Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) as 'one of the best average drummers I've ever heard' and by Matt Sorum (G n R & Velvet Revolver) as 'Tim who?', he continues to delight audiences everywhere with his chubby fills and lardy licks. Nice, shiny kit and cymbals and a very loud in yer face stylee are his trademark. Really happy to be a part of one of the best line-ups in Kent and ready for a 2010 of intensive gigging!

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