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Fleetwood Dreams
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Playing exclusively Fleetwood Mac songs and songs by members of Fleetwood Mac at different times in their career, we aim first and foremost to entertain you with our respectful interpretation. Let us take you on an emotional journey.

A Fleetwood Dreams gig embodies the spirit of Fleetwood Mac whilst adding our own touches of creativity into the mix. In our live performances, we aim to bring you closer to what we regard as the spiritual essence of the band.

Our unique interpretation, with keyboard, guitars, vocal harmonies and even a saxophone is sure to have you dancing and singing along as we revisit all Fleetwood Mac's most famous songs and celebrate one of the most long-running, prolific and popular bands in rock history. Expect lush keyboards, soaring guitar solos, 3-part harmonies, 3 great voices and some soulful saxophone.

Fleetwood Mac's songs have been widely covered over the years and even the most casual listener will recognise many of their big hits. By 2000, Fleetwood Mac had sold more than 100 million copies of its albums — including 25 million for Rumours alone. "Black Magic Woman" is one of the most widely covered songs ever, "Don't Stop" was the theme song for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and right now, a version of "Landslide" is being used in a TV advert! Just a few reasons why Fleetwood Mac's iconic songs hold a place in every music lovers' memory.


Julie (Stevie Nicks' vocals)

George (Lead guitar, Lindsey Buckingham's vocals, Peter Green's vocals)

Luci (Christine McVie's vocals, drums, percussion, acoustic guitar)

John (keyboards)

Loraine (bass guitar, saxophone, backing vocals)

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