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Gentlemen of Few
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We are a Bluegrass Folk band hailing from South-East Kent, the garden of England and, since an early age, we have each been swept away by the immeasurable pleasure of creating music. We’ve been performing live for over three years now and our sound continues to grow and develop every day. As is the case with almost every musician, we have influences that stretch across an array of different genres and, because of this, we like to think of our music as something new and inventive; something refreshing and more importantly, a field of music that can be listened to and enjoyed by almost anyone.

Our travels so far have taken us to venues such as the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, The Winter Gardens in Margate, Balcony TV in London and to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury earning us a hefty following and an appreciative crowd that, without the care, support and kindness of them all, we would most certainly not be where we are today.

There are four members in Gentlemen of Few; Elliott Norris, Reece Forward, Jarrod Piner and Kit Evans, we approach our take on music with the knowledge that there can always be something else to play, some other instrument to implement or some strange form of music to incorporate and this is what carries us – the ever growing world of music. We can more often than not be found playing our key instruments of Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Accordion and Bass but instrumental limits do not quell our outward spiraling imaginations and so, we have been known to integrate trumpets, trombones, harmonicas, mandolins and even an entire chamber orchestra on occasions. We focus our intentions on choral harmonies with four part vocals and will never hesitate at the chance to try something a little beyond our reach.

We truly are compassionate about the music we compose and to have the opportunity and aptitude to play to even a few who are willing to listen, music that tells a story or expresses a personal ardor of something or someone is one we will not take for granted and one we hope to cherish and maintain for a long, long while.

Thank you all,

The Gents.

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