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Jazz Police
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The Jazz Police play a unique blend of those romantic and vibrant swing tunes from the thirties, forties and fifties, as well as some contemporary tunes of today. With two part harmony singing and lustrous songs from writers such as Gershwin, Berlin and Porter, they offer music which would compliment any social gathering such as dinner functions and parties, public or private. The Jazz Police offer exciting, up tempo tunes from Django to Nat King Cole with slapping double bass and smooth guitar that will get any foot tapping.

So, why the name THE JAZZ POLICE, we hear you cry. Well, we are not in any way connected to the constabulary; the name comes from a musical joke amongst musicians, that is if you play something cheesy or wrong, the jazz police will be called at your peril, a bit like the fashion police, but we won't go there, eh.

We started The Jazz Police because we love this sort of music and it was a way that we could be a little self indulgent, but still share the results with you, the audience; so the music we play does come from the heart, we're not out to win awards or get slaps on the back, we just want you to enjoy the music we love.

If you're interested in booking The Jazz Police, just email us direct, or give us a call. See you soon. 

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