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  • Acoustic
  • Blues
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Milky Negro
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Review by Sarah Quinn
"Milky Negro. Well what can I say about Milky Negro? Firstly the characters for this acoustic duo is what you first notice, you really can’t not. During Craig’s set when he announced his song Black Rane one half of Milky Negro simply shouted out “It’s dedicated to me because I’m black”! These girls have fantastic personalities that emanate from the stage and make you instantly warm to them. They have a great rapport with each other and make many jokes together throughout their set. Let’s move on to their music. Performing a set of covers the first thing you cannot fail to notice is the harmonies from the girls. Both have beautiful voices that are completely different but work together and complement each other perfectly. The girls know what their strengths are vocally and therefore show case them with the right songs, taking in turns for the lead vocal depending on the song. Some stand outs were Son Of A Preacher Man, Do It Like A Dude and Living On A Prayer which had the crowd singing along at the top of their voices."

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