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Nylon Tigers
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Formed in Summer of 2012 NYLON TIGERS are a rock band that ROAR!

In mid 2012 Frontman Brad Pittance won a Song Writers Award in front of a capacity crowd at the Kings Theatre in Ramsgate. The award was presented to Brad by the Actress, Brenda Blethyn.

In September 2013 Brad signed a Publishing deal with Maori Music Publishing.

On November 1st 2013 Nylon Tigers released their debut ep "Twisted" on their own newly created label - WantSum Records. The ep contains four tracks -

"TWISTED" -There is a thin line between love and hate. "Twisted" is the story of an emotional battleground. Of obsession, pain and pleasure, humiliation and dependency.

"HEARTBEAT" - A Heartbeat usually remains at a normal and consistent pace but, in this case, it pumps at twice the rate whenever a certain person walks into the room. Extreme desire can make the most confident and articulate person feel clumsy, embarrassed, nervous and hesitant.

"RIDE INTO THE SUN" - The relationship has run it's course. It started well but now it's over.

"NIGHTBIRD" - A mantra for the hedonist.

Tracks from the ep have been played on over 50 radio stations across the world in the UK, USA and as far afield as Australia.

The band performs a mix of original material and covers and gigs at venues across East Kent in England. They are receiving consistent press coverage in the local media and staged an EP launch party on November 1st at The Britannia in Margate that was sponsored by Canterbury based Wantsum Brewery. The "Twisted" ep is available on all major download sites

"Nylon Tigers released their debut ep "Twisted" on November 1st and it's available on itunes and all the major download sites. I caught up with them at their ep launch party at The Britannia in Margate. Brad Pittance delivers dynamic lead vocals and chugging rhythm guitar, Chris Warner and Adrian Robinson deliver a powerhouse rhythm section and Ray Cannon's Lead Guitar work is impressive. I loved the original material with “Twisted” and “Nightboird” stand out favourites for me. Covers from the likes of Paul Weller, Snow Patrol, The White Stripes, The Clash, Deep Purple and a rocking version of Gnarl's Barclay's “Crazy” interspersed with that fine original material brought the house down. Watch out for them – Nylon Tigers Rock!”

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