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Recently signed to END OF THE TRAIL RECORDS, Starseedz are an indie, pop, folk group with a country lilt. They write powerful hooks and gorgeous melodies. Catrine and Jon are both songwriters who fell in love while making music together. Their songs tell their own love story as well as observations of friends, foes and their life. They record all their tunes themselves in a place called the magic Kingdom (a room in their house in St Albans) The single “Made that way” was written by Jon and is about running away with your lover against all the odds. It worked out well for them in the end!!!

Their songs could be played on acoustic guitars around campfires, in swanky inner city hotel bars or on a loop in peoples consciousness. And they resonate with the mainstream too. While the guitars meander, articulate melodies and vocal harmonies give each song memorable shading and colour.

The band name is influenced by the concept of Starseeds who are people or souls who have being arriving on our planet since the 60’s as children. They are here to help raise the vibrations of the planet. You can google it if you want to know more.

The Starseedz arrived on the planet a few years ago and are not sure how long their time is here on Earth before they jump back on their UFO and travel to a distant galaxy. So enjoy their tunes while you can. You can catch them at venues and festivals through out the year.

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